We have changed direction.

Our main activity is now the hosting and publishing of The Yakking Show.

Twice a week we publish video and audio episodes with selected guests who share tips and ideas to grow your business. Topics include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • SEO
  • Systems and Automations

And much more.

We also have a Premium channel for subscribing members – one-hour in-depth interviews with experts.

Private: Services

 Content Marketing and Branded Magazines:

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does”.  Steuart Henderson Britt

More than ever people are searching online for answers to their questions. Search engines are constantly optimized to bring them the quality content they want. Content marketing is gaining enormous popularity as a way to reach the consumer by providing them with interesting and valuable information.  It’s a great way for businesses to brand themselves as experts in what they do. Investing in content marketing now will allow your business to be found online for years to come.

We use the power of social media to gain the exposure needed to build a well-branded organization.  Here is one business we are currently helping – Tiny Home Geniuses.

Branded Magazines:

That’s where we come in, to build you an e-magazine that will get your business found and improve your search engine rankings.  Have your own branded magazine chock full of articles, promotional offers, announcements, etc. all about you! 

Community Magazines:

Once you have your own e-magazine, it’s time to syndicate that content with a GROUP and increase your exposure by another 20X+. We put this content online in a PEER e-mag.  Members of our community confirm the quality of the content by socially sharing it.

Follow us on twitter – visit our Facebook page 

Follow us on twitter – visit our Facebook page 

Conscious Media Publishing is a creator and publisher of online magazines. Our concept involves gathering a group of businesses that want to work collaboratively in order to help promote each other using social media. The best part is that we can track leads to your content page and determine which businesses in the group are helping you get the exposure you want. It’s word of mouth marketing on a much grander scale.



Kathleen Beauvais







I’ve always thought of myself as a connector of people.  It didn’t seem to matter what position I held, I seemed to find myself connecting people with other people or businesses that might help them in some way.

My interest in helping people led me to a degree in psychology. That same desire to help people drove me to study how we could improve our quality of life by following healthier lifestyles. I became interested in natural foods, reducing exposure to pollution, holistic health practices.

Conscious Media Publishing has evolved as a result of my desire to help businesses grow and finding innovative and unique solutions in order to make that happen.

I understand that the world of conventional advertising and promotions for many consumer categories has been disrupted by the internet and social media.

This disruption is causing some old established businesses to contract and some to fail. I don’t feel threatened by this disruption; I see it as a huge opportunity to use my skills to help people and businesses that are frustrated or overwhelmed by the rapidly changing environment.

As a connector, I have seen how important networking has become. Networking too has become disrupted in the digital age. “Virtual” events, meetups, chat groups, social media threads have replaced many “live” opportunities to meet other people face-to-face.  Networking may be in the throes of change, but it is as important as ever, probably more so.

Many entrepreneurs engage in networking as a way to become known to members of their community and to help forge new relationships.  These relationships become vital especially for referrals. Here at Conscious Media, we take networking to an online format.  When businesses work together to leverage all of their social media connections, they can reach a much bigger audience than they would have working on their own.

Peter Wright







Peter has had an interesting life spent mainly in Africa before moving to Canada in 2004.

He has worked for large and small corporations, started and owned several businesses and was a farmer.

Peter is a published author, writer, speaker and marketer.

His experiences gained from living in different parts of the world, in different cultures and frequently under arduous conditions have given him an ability to bring a different perspective to challenging business situations.

The story of his adventures and life in different parts of Africa can be found on his personal blog. Peterwrightsblog.com.

Follow Peter on twitter or visit his Facebook page.