7 Types of Subject Lines to Get Your Emails Read

We are literally inundated with billions of emails sent and received PER DAY!  As marketers, is there a secret to ensure your emails are opened? While it isn’t a perfect science, below we outline 7 ways that can help you create compelling subject lines to increase your click-through rate.

1-Intriguing Subject Lines – Curiosity is a powerful motivator. It keeps the mind in a perpetual state of anticipation for what lies ahead, or in this case, inside the email.  Here are some examples: “Everyone is asking about this new beauty secret.” “The truth about email marketing and what you need to know.” “How much does working from home save you?”

2-Funny Subject Lines – Injecting a little humour is a lighthearted way to appeal to someone’s sense of fun.  However, make sure you know your audience to ensure you don’t offend anyone. Examples are: “50% off Ray-Bans.  Get in a new frame of mind.” “Up to 40% off trousers & sport coats. It’s a tailor-made deal!”

3-FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – Think about it.  Fear of missing out is a great motivator.  The key is to highlight what the recipient will lose if they don’t open the email.  The higher the value, the more worried they’ll be about the missed opportunity. Examples: “By Invitation Only: Exclusive Rewards”. “Grab this deal before it’s gone.” “Only 2 hours left to this mega offer.”

4-Pain Points – Identifying problems and presenting solutions can be an attention grabber especially if it speaks to the reader’s relatable issues.  Here are some examples: “Sit back and let someone else do the cooking.” “Beautiful brochures made faster.”

5-Emojis – This is a good way to add emotion to your emails.  In fact, in one study, they found that emojis helped the person remember the message as opposed to no use of emojis. Example: Berry Impressive Summer Recipes.”

6-Resparking Interest – We all see a decline in subscribers over time.  Perhaps they feel that the content is no longer meeting their needs.  This calls for creative ways to re-engage the reader in order to regain their interest.  Here’s what this could look like: “We’ve missed you. Please come back.” “Still interested in that deal?” “Can you believe it’s been a month?”

7-Social Proof Subject Lines – In marketing, there is no greater stamp of approval than a referral.  When you set the expectation that all your peers are eating at a specific place or using a particular product, it gives credibility or provides a sense of quality. You can see that this may be like our ‘fear of missing out’ point above.  It comes down to the how you position the subject line in removing all doubt. Examples: “Most Popular Recipes This Week.” “The People Have Spoken: These Are Their Faves.”

For more detailed information, be sure to check out Hubspot’s article here.


Is there a secret sauce to creating a clickable subject line?  While we may not have a perfect recipe, if you follow the tips we provided, you may well be on your way to having a smorgasbord of content clicked through by captivated readers.

Don’t be a stranger! I’d love to hear from you so reach out and let me know how you get your readers to click on your emails.

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