TikTok, Listening and Successful Content Creators

Have you heard about Tik Tok? In our previous post we wrote about popups. In this post we will look at a new social media channel that is getting results for some big players.
tik tok

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

Tik Tok Video

TikTok is a platform for short videos. It is popular with millennials and younger adults. It is an excellent platform for generating engagement and video feedback from your audience.

Here is a link to an article on Hubspot Marketing Blog with examples of 7 brands using Tik Tok successfully. While you are there, check out the free templates Hub spot are offering on their site.

Tik Tok is only one year old and already has 500 million users. If you are targeting this audience, your brand lends itself to informal and fun videos then you might want to consider this new platform. The Washington Post, the NBA and others are amongst the early advertisers already on this new platform.

Do you listen?

This week, Mark Schaefer published an excellent article about his “Brand Engagement Fantasy“.  He quoted Cindy Gallop, with 80 000 followers on twitter finding that a tweet mentioning a number of big brands received no response from any of those brands. Not a single engagement. What a missed opportunity.

On my personal twitter account @zimpeterw, I have around 16 000 followers. I have never bought followers and do not have an active campaign to get new followers. Mostly I just follow some who follow me or are recommended by people I already follow and trust. Those followers have come along steadily over almost 11 years since I became an early twitter user.  That is not meant to impress you. I only mention it because with that many followers I know how hard it is to listen effectively.

The point of Mark’s article is that very few marketers are listening to the conversations about their brands on Twitter or any social media platform. It takes time and effort to do it effectively and it takes dedicated people to do it.

That’s why the advice to marketers from the early days of social media to master one social media platform at a time is still good advice.  As good as new channels like Tik Tok might seem for your brand make sure you have the resources before jumping aboard.

Read Mark’s article for the full story.

Successful Content Creators

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to regularly and consistently create good content for blogs, websites and social media. I believe blog posts can be the foundation of good content creation because you can link to them on social media platforms. That exposes your content to a wider audience. But you have to come up with ideas for the blog post first.

There are hundreds of articles by a huge number of experts and not-so-experts on content creation. I thought this one by Maggie Butler of Hubspot Marketing is solid advice and one of the better ones I have come across. It’s worth reading.

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Why Increasing Your Visibility on Rented Land is Important

Years ago, marketers emphasized the importance of building your brand on land that you own such as your website, email lists, etc.  Building on things that you don’t own such as your social media accounts were discouraged because marketers felt you were helping to build someone else’s business, not your own.

My, How Times Have Changed!

Business owners discovered that trying to divert traffic to their websites so people could read their blog posts became increasingly more futile.  So, new ways had to be adopted for content flow to gain more visibility.

Rented Media Space

As much resistance as business owners had in embracing social media, they’ve come to realize it’s a veritable gold mine in accessing their audience.  Content needs to be unleashed! It has no value by sitting at home on your website.  You need to have it sitting everywhere people will have a chance in seeing it, hence using ‘rented land’.

Use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klusster, etc. to get your message out and hopefully drive more traffic to your website as a result.  Social sharing, as marketer Mark Schaefer has said, is the most important digital marketing metric after sales and leads.  “Social sharing is advocacy”.  In other words, when someone shares your content, it acts as a referral.  There is no stronger lead than that!

It’s also important to be seen repeatedly.  Someone may not click on your article the first time they see it in their posting feed but if they see it a few times, they are more likely to take notice and open it.  Some business owners have noticed that their articles may not be read through their newsletter offerings, but the same article may be clicked on LinkedIn, Facebook or Klusster.   The point, park it in several places!

So, go ahead and make use of any platform which will allow you to readily access your audience.

Have any questions? Please reach out and let me hear from you.